Motivation. Knowledge. Professional. Results.

Take your health and fitness to the next level

Motivation. Knowledge. Professional. Results.

Take your health and fitness to the next level

Our Services

Personal Training

Level Up Fitness prides itself in the knowledge and passion our trainers have to deliver results to their clients.
Regardless of your goal working with a trainer 1-1 will help you reach that goal a lot faster.
With unlimited support, our trainers will teach you the basic tools and fundamentals you need to ensure that your results are a lifestyle change.

Nutrition Coaching

With exercise and training being an important component in terms of weight loss or changing your physique, it is actually your Nutrition that will hinder or accelerate your results the most.
At Level Up we provide 2 different types of Nutrition Coaching where our Qualified Sports Nutrition Coach will create a plan customised specifically to your goals and lifestyle.

Corporate Seminars

Knowledge is power and we believe that so many people struggle to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle purely because they aren’t sure of what they should be doing.
Level Up provides educational seminars to private & public entities that cover topics from how to eat a balanced diet, dealing with stress at work, how to improve sleep & why is drinking enough water important.
All of these factors are vital if someone wants to perform to their best of their ability. Not just physically but mentally too.
Health and Fitness is a lifestyle and it is our vision to be able to educate others on how to live that life for themselves.

The Innovation of Fitness

We welcome you to come and join our unique community

With  years of experience in the fitness industry, Level Up Fitness offers customized solutions for fitness, leisure, sport  projects. As Experts in Hospitality, we assist businesses such as gyms, hotels, and start ups.

Level Up Fitness is an elite 5 Star Personal Training & Wellness service provider.

Regardless of your goal we have the knowledge and support to help you achieve the very best version of yourself.

Through small group PT, private Personal Training, Nutrition coaching and wellness seminars we can tailor make packages to suit all of our clients.

From Boot Camps to corporate wellness Level Up fitness prides itself in the professional and knowledge of our trainers.

What We Offer

LEVEL UP is a unique health and fitness brand that delivers professional services such as Personal Training, Group Fitness Classes including the notorious Les Mills classes such as Body Balance, Body Pump, RPM, BodyCombat, BodyAttack, as well as, Yoga, Pilates, MMA, Boot Camp, Fit Kids, Summer Camp and more

As a company we pride ourselves on the professionalism and knowledge of our trainers with our most notable achievement being the nomination of our Managing Director for ‘Personal Trainer of the Year’ by Sport 360 among the GCC region.

  • Commercial Gyms
  • Hospitality
  • Introduction to Product & Services 
  • Club Assesments

Motivation. Knowledge. Professional. Results.

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